Elon Musk Criticizes OpenAI’s Move to Commercial Model and Expresses Concerns over Control and Risks

  • He criticized the creator of ChatGPT
  • And the project’s plans to move to a commercial model

Ion Musk harshly criticized OpenAI for its plans to abandon the nonprofit model.

He emphasized his significant role in the creation of the startup. And he believes the organization owes its existence to him.

This heated speech was announced during conversations on Twitter Spaces with journalist David Faber.

Ilon Musk recalled that he invested his $50 million in funding OpenAI in the early stages of its development.

Musk points out that OpenAI was originally created as an open source non-profit organization.

It was supposed to be a competitor to Google and other monopolists, which are “sharpened” only for profit. Now Microsoft and other big “sharks” will take control of the project.

Businessman believes that converting a nonprofit into a for-profit organization would be illegal.

“It is very important to determine who will ultimately control the potential super intelligence developed by OpenAI”

Musk worries about the relationship between OpenAI and Microsoft, brands that have invested heavily in the organization. This introduces risks about autonomous development.

By the way, today the head of OpenAI wrote a letter to the Senate and talked about the threats to AI.