PancakeSwap Launches Play-to-Earn Project, Offering NFTs and CAKE Tokens

Decentralized crypto exchange PancakeSwap (CAKE) launches its own project based on the “Play and Earn” model, where users can receive NFT and earn CAKE tokens.

Holders of the exchange’s native tokens will get bonuses and a competitive advantage in play-to-earn, exchange representatives assured.Right now, the game is available in beta mode on the main network.

The announcement says that the top entrants will be able to share in an additional prize pool of 10,000 CAKE.

Right now, the CAKE is trading at $1.73, according to Coingecko.

Representatives of the team urge that the new project is able to interest “all fans of decentralized video games with exciting gameplay with fictional characters, PvP battles and tournaments.”

“Unite your heroes, defend your territories, and achieve victory!”

Earlier it was reported that in the game being developed now GTA VI
may be able to earn and withdraw cryptocurrency.

Sources close to the developers say that the players will be rewarded for completing some missions will not be in the form of in-game money, but with a kind of “analogue of bitcoin.

In early February, the Undeads meta-universe team proposed a new approach to adapt traditional gamers to the Web3 ecosystem, which allows them to start playing P2E games without using cryptocurrencies or NFT.