bitcoin mining calculator

Speed mining TH/s
Crypto exchange BITCOIN / USD
Pool fee %
Price farm USD
Power Watt
Rate USD/kWh
Work Period month

Earnings on mining in current indicators

Period BTC USD
Per hour: 0.00001481 0.25
Per day: 0.00035552 5.99
Mining cost (per hour): 0,07
Net profit (per hour): 0.18

Bitcoin Calculator allows you to calculate mining income, taking into account investments in a mining farm, the cost of electricity, exchange rates and other indicators.

If you don’t know the device speed, you can look it up in this table on the bitcoin wiki.

Due to changes in the complexity of the network and the BTC rate, it is difficult to make predictions for a long period. The calculator has the ability to indicate the expected change in these parameters. You can set the expected change in difficulty per month for the entire period and for each month individually.

The “BTC Income” column in the expected mining earnings table shows how many bitcoins will be earned in a particular month. At the end of this column is the amount of coins earned for the entire period.

The “USD income minus expenses” column displays fiat income and electricity costs. For example, the net profit from mining may be positive in bitcoin, but negative in USD. This can happen if during the specified period the income in USD does not exceed the cost of electricity.

Column “ROI” (eng. Return On Investment) – indicator of return on investment. This indicator becomes 100% when the income becomes equal to the cost of buying a farm, added to other mining costs (electricity, depreciation, pool commission), in other words, when the farm pays off. If the mining income is higher than the total costs, then the ROI will be higher than 100%, if vice versa, it will be lower. If expenses exceed income, then it will be negative.

Please note that long-term calculations may not be accurate due to sudden changes in rates and network complexity.

Depreciation is calculated linearly.

Solo block time shows the results of a simplified calculation of the probability of finding a block over a certain period.