Ex-NFL team owner Reggie Fowler gets 6 years for crypto ‘shadow banking’

Reginald Fowler, a former NFL team owner, has been sentenced to six years of prison for operating as a “shadow bank” to the crypto sector, which involved over $700 million in

SEC complaint hints at why Brian Brooks resigned as Binance​.US CEO

The SEC’s latest complaint against Binance could point to why former Binance.US CEO Brian Brooks chose to step down in August 2021, only three months after his appointment. According to a

Cardano prospects: record metrics and developer activity

Cardano blockchain creator Charles Hoskinson has been arguing with his detractors on social media more often lately. But how is his Cardano project doing and what are the prospects for this

Bitcoin drops to $25,500 amid SEC lawsuit against Binance

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) yesterday, June 5, sued Binance and its founder Changpeng Zhao over multiple charges. This led to a decline in the bitcoin exchange rate. In its

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Ex-NFL team owner Reggie Fowler gets 6 years for crypto ‘shadow banking’