How to get or earn bitcoin

With the development of the field of cryptocurrencies, it is also easier to work with them.. Now it is no longer necessary for a beginner to read multi-page instructions in English, understand the complex interface of incomprehensible programs and configure specialized equipment.. It only takes a few minutes to get started with Bitcoin. On the other hand, independence also implies responsibility.. There are no attentive consultants who will explain how to press each button. No 24/7 support, no government guarantees and no DIA system. Bitcoin transactions can not be rolled back and return everything as it was. If you want to fully control your funds and sleep peacefully, you will have to master the basics of working safely with cryptocurrency. Over time, experience will come to you and all this will no longer seem complicated, but for now we will start with the simplest. The first step to using Bitcoin is to choose and install a wallet, or, as experts say, a network client. The so-called “light” wallets can be installed both on a PC and on a mobile device.. They are ready to go in a few minutes, but do not store a complete database and are forced to request information from other nodes that make up the global network. If you need maximum reliability and independence – install the full client. You will have to pay for this with several tens of gigabytes of hard disk space, and the initial synchronization will take at least three hours. The choice between speed and reliability is yours. To master the technology, you can use one of the online wallet services, which are ordinary sites where you can manage your balance and make transactions through a web interface. It is very similar to the already familiar Internet banking. But in this case, bitcoins can be lost not only by you, but also by the wallet operator. Therefore, it is better not to store large amounts there. Go! So you've got a wallet. Now it's time to think about where to get bitcoins. We will figure out how to acquire them with minimal risks and costs.. Now this process is much easier than a few years ago. Bitcoins appear in the wallet in the same way as any other currencies in a familiar wallet or on a bank card – after all, almost all modern money, even the ruble or dollar, is virtual to a certain extent. Cashless payments in them occur through the same networks as in cryptocurrencies – only the internal essence is different. Bitcoins can be earned, bought or given as a gift. Working for Bitcoin Just two years ago, mining was the main way to mine Bitcoin. The work of the miners is paid in cryptocurrency, but the period of simple and profitable mining is long over. Now only owners of large “farms” with cheap or free electricity can mine effectively, and the entry threshold is getting higher. Business owners can earn bitcoins by enabling payment acceptance for their goods and services. For example, the American retail giant Overstock, when summing up the results of the first year of such integration, confirmed the appearance of a large number of new customers. In some countries it is possible to receive BTC as wages. For example, there are already sites offering employers and job seekers the opportunity to post a job ad for cryptocurrency.. Popular and most frequently offered options – salaries for developers, journalists, photographers, designers and other freelancers. Payment in bitcoin for articles and translations, posting news about cryptocurrencies is also provided on our website. Bitcoin as a gift There are ways to get BTC for free. So-called satoshi faucets are sites that offer free bitcoins, but in very small amounts. Most gift Satoshi (one hundred millionth BTC) are offered for attracting newbies as referrals, so the Internet is full of such offers.. As a rule, a gift is offered for entering captcha or viewing ads and advertisements.. Such free giveaways will be a waste of time for you.. It is enough to calculate the income from the taps for a few days – and most likely it will turn out that you have dripped a few pennies. The investment of time and effort may not pay off at all.. Thousands of satoshi accumulated on the internal accounts of such services will suddenly be blocked without explanation or the site will suddenly disappear. Don't fall for this bait. But there are more worthy gifts, for example, from friends and bitcoin enthusiasts when using the ChangeTip, Telebit and Gliph services, through social networking applications or bonuses in games.. Such micropayments are designed to reward the authors of interesting posts, articles, pictures, photos and other content. It would not be superfluous to recall that people give gifts exclusively from the heart, begging in the crypto community is categorically not welcome. Buying You can buy bitcoin in exchange offices, on exchanges, through terminals and ATMs that support their purchase. Exchange services The simplest, but at the same time, not always profitable way is to buy bitcoins through exchangers. Exchange services allow you to convert ordinary money into BTC and back at the internal rate. It is quite another matter whether the proposed exchange price suits you.. Keep in mind that the price at a particular point in time is determined by the owners of these services themselves, plus add to this the fees for bank or wire transfers. A simple and convenient solution for finding the best rates in exchange offices has already been invented. Special monitoring sites have been created, where only proven and reliable services are shown. Such information is provided by and Web-payment in the form of graphs and tables that display data on the offered value for bitcoin and the reserves of these exchangers. Before using the services of an exchange service, look for reviews about it on the Internet, and be sure to check a previously unknown and suddenly very profitable exchanger in the black list. A compromise between the exchange and the exchanger can be private individuals – money changers who sell and buy cryptocurrency. As a rule, they offer more favorable conditions than exchangers.. But using their services can be risky.. However, there are private sellers with a good reputation. Cryptocurrency exchanges The exchange is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, where both professional traders and investors meet, as well as amateurs who come to buy their first bitcoin and stay, carried away by the exchange game. The number of exchanges is estimated at several dozen and is constantly increasing. Any exchange participant can replenish his internal account and offer others to buy or sell the required amount of cryptocurrency at a certain price. The principle of operation of all exchanges is the same: First, you need to deposit money to the account created during registration on this exchange, usually using electronic payment systems.. As a rule, exchanges charge a commission from 0.1 to 0.5% for transactions. As soon as a buyer or seller appears who is satisfied with the price, a transaction takes place and BTC is credited to your balance. After that, you can withdraw bitcoins to your personal wallet. And again, the exchange will take a small commission. In addition to the fact that exchanges grow like mushrooms after rain, some of them have a tendency to suddenly disappear without saying thanks to former clients for the money received.. Trade on large, time-tested exchanges. But even this will not give you full guarantees. Exchanges differ in the number of currency pairs and language support. Which one to choose is up to you. Bitcoinomats and terminals For a person who is inexperienced in online trading, it is easier to purchase coins using an already familiar banking or payment terminal. Operations with such a device are quite simple.. The buyer deposits cash and receives a check with a code to replenish the wallet, or enters his Bitcoin address into the device and can check the receipt of coins on the balance without leaving the terminal. Bitcoin ATMs (Bitcoin ATMs) are installed in many countries and cities around the world. Some of them allow you to make a reverse exchange – that is, receive cash currency for your bitcoins. There is a map on the Coindesk website that shows all Bitcoin ATMs installed in the world.. Dozens of Bitcoin ATMs operate on the territory of the former USSR. But in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and Australia, their number is already in the thousands. You can also buy cryptocurrency at the terminals of several international money transfer systems, the largest of which is ZipZap. Direct purchase If you want to exchange a large amount for cryptocurrency, you will probably want to look into the honest eyes of the seller, ask tricky questions and get some additional information or guarantees. This option is quite possible. Available in 7505 cities in 232 countries, Localbitcoins service provides an opportunity to find buyers and sellers in your city and meet them in person. Also, you can buy bitcoins on the orders placed on the site. You must register, create an ad yourself or choose from the options offered. In the end, you can arrange a personal meeting with the seller on numerous forums dedicated to cryptocurrencies, including ours.. The willingness to buy or sell Bitcoin for cash is the best proof of the honesty of the seller. If a tete-a-tete meeting for some reason is inconvenient for you, there are mass events. In metropolitan areas around the world, Bitcoin enthusiasts hold open-airs “Satoshi Squares”. You can search social networks for groups and communities, just ask Google – it is very likely that there is such a Satoshi square in your city where you can both learn more and buy cryptocurrency. Conferences and other events dedicated to cryptocurrencies are often held in large cities. Representatives of business and public figures speak at them, but there is also a place for informal communication. Often, the organizers hold impromptu “auctions” where you can buy cryptocurrency below the exchange rate.