Anonymous analyst Kaleo expects large-scale growth of bitcoin

A popular cryptocurrency analyst under the pseudonym Kaleo, who has amassed over 550,000 followers on Twitter, said that he expects a large-scale rise in the price of bitcoin soon.

In his opinion, in the coming months, the rate of the first cryptocurrency will return to the levels of June 2022.. Bitcoin could reach $30,000 in February. Accordingly, it should grow by 30% next month.

“When bitcoin breaks through all resistance, we will see a glorious candle to $30,000. But, I warn you, this can happen at any moment and not necessarily tomorrow.. Be careful and control your greed. But $30,000 will definitely attract the Bitcoin chart,” the analyst wrote.

Kaleo also noted that the current situation in the cryptocurrency market is very reminiscent of the 2019 rally. The analyst expects that in the coming months, the first cryptocurrency will again regain market dominance and attract liquidity from altcoins.

“In recent days there have been no significant changes in the ETH/BTC rate. But I expect the chart to break through the support at the bottom, and Bitcoin will continue to strengthen and absorb liquidity from the market.. The situation is similar to 2019,” says Kaleo.

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