DonAlt Crypt Analyst Expects Big Bitcoin Growth

A popular cryptocurrency analyst under the pseudonym DonAlt told his 456,000 subscribers that the growth of the cryptocurrency market at the beginning of 2023 was just the beginning and the price of bitcoin will continue to grow.

Since the beginning of the year, the first cryptocurrency has grown in price by almost 40%. Now, says DonAlt, money from long-term investors is pouring into bitcoin. This is a positive sign and a signal for continued growth.

“Now the situation is still bearish on the long timeframes. But when this monthly candle closes, we will see a change in trend to bullish. Therefore, long-term investors will increase their investments in two weeks, and we will see a real rise in bitcoin,” the analyst writes.

According to DonAlt, if the monthly candle in the Bitcoin chart closes above $20,000, then the BTC rate may well continue to rise to $35,000.. Stronger resistance formed at $58,800. In the middle of the day on Monday, January 23, Bitcoin was trading at $22,900.. The analyst believes that the rate of the first cryptocurrency has already passed the bottom and now all indicators are in favor of growth.

Earlier, a similar forecast was made by another popular cryptocurrency analyst under the pseudonym Kaleo.. In his opinion, bitcoin could reach $30,000 as early as February of this year.