Large crypto investors transferred $743 million to BTC and ETH in three transactions

While the bitcoin rate was fixed just above the level of $23,000, the whales of the market – large bitcoin and ethereum investors – began to transfer their savings.

In total, the whales transferred a huge $743 million in crypto assets in just three transactions. The first transfer was recorded on Friday, February 3, in the amount of 13,369 BTC (approximately worth $311 million) from one unknown address to another.. Cryptocurrency came to the wallet, which became the 65th largest accounted wallet, according to BitInfoCharts data.

The next transaction was made by an Ethereum whale that transferred 186,009 ETH worth $309 million from one unknown wallet to another.

The last transaction was made a few hours later, when Whale Alert recorded a transfer of 5,278 BTC worth about $123 million from the exchange to an unknown wallet.

The transaction may indicate that a major transaction was made to withdraw bitcoin from the exchange to a cold wallet in an effort to obtain maximum asset security.

After an uptrend in January, the growth of bitcoin slowed down at the $23,500 mark.