Ripple CTO quarreled with controversial blogger about Bitcoin and XRP

Ripple CTO David Schwartz took to Twitter to argue with self-proclaimed “Satoshi” Craig Wright over the adoption of Bitcoin and XRP. Infamous Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright has said that bitcoin will never be fully accepted by institutional investors unless it is approved by a court order.. David Schwartz responded by calling such claims silly.. Schwartz asked the founder of Bitcoin SV why only institutional investors should be the target audience for a Bitcoin peer-to-peer network and in which jurisdictions should these bitcoin court rulings be enforced? In response, Wright accused Schwartz of not understanding the way finance works and how people invest in commodities.. The entrepreneur wrote that Schwartz has no idea about the legal structures that allow streamlining court rulings in different jurisdictions.. Wright then quipped that anyone involved in XRP is incapable of logical discussion.. Further in a series of tweets, the founder of Bitcoin SV presented arguments against XRP, touching on the topic of scalability. “Ripple claims 1,500 transactions per second can be made with XRP, when in fact it can only do 100. Schwartz couldn't reach 100,000 transactions per second on any platform, even in his wildest dreams, let alone a million,” Wright tweeted. To this, Schwartz replied that the conversation was not at all about the scalability of Ripple or XRP, and this only proves the fact that the Australian entrepreneur is trying to back up his statements with inappropriate examples. Recall that in May, Wright accused the Coinbase and Kraken platforms of trading “fake bitcoin” in order to attract the attention of the cryptocurrency community.. Last year, the self-proclaimed “creator of Bitcoin” got a British court to recognize his rights to the Bitcoin White Paper.