Senator Elizabeth Warren's office was credited with raising the flag in honor of Bitcoin's 15th anniversary

Reports spread throughout the crypto community about a senator known for being critical of cryptocurrencies who surprisingly organized a flag-raising ceremony in honor of the mysterious Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Supporters of the leading cryptocurrency quickly shared the news on various social media platforms, celebrating US Senator Elizabeth Warren for her unexpected recognition of Nakamoto’s contributions to society. Senator Warren’s office coordinated the raising of a commemorative flag above the Capitol building to mark the 15th anniversary of the launch of the Bitcoin network.

Accompanying the news was a purported certificate of compliance from the Capitol Flag program, signed by Senator Warren herself. The certificate states:

“Satoshi Nakamoto revolutionized the financial system by creating a truly inclusive platform, offering new economic opportunities that were previously neglected by both public and private institutions. We are forever grateful to him.”

While some individuals in the crypto community took Senator Elizabeth Warren’s support for Bitcoin at face value, most enthusiasts recognized this as a clever stunt orchestrated by advocates of the digital currency and happily played along on social media.

Thomas Pacchia, co-founder of PubKey, expressed his gratitude to the senator, emphasizing the significance of her efforts in promoting acceptance of Bitcoin among the general public. He also highlighted her commendable works in raising awareness about Nakamoto’s achievements and advocating for appropriate legislation.

Regarding the official flag-raising procedure at the Capitol, this is a service available to any citizen for around $34. Individuals can request a flag to be flown over the Capitol on a specific day in honor of a person, organization, or event. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the customer receives a gift flag along with a certificate confirming the date of the event, attesting that the flag was indeed flown over the Capitol.

Members of the crypto community had the opportunity to fill out the necessary form and order this service in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto. However, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office declined to comment on requests from reporters.

Previously, Senator Elizabeth Warren, a prominent opponent of unregulated cryptocurrencies in the US Congress, urged support for her bill aimed at combating the illicit use of digital assets during a Senate Banking Committee meeting.