The owner of 412 bitcoins that lay without movement for ten years withdrew funds

Analysts at Peckshield drew attention to the fact that an unknown person withdrew 412 bitcoins ($9.6 million at the current exchange rate) from the wallet in which they had been lying since September 2012. This is the first transaction in almost 11 years.

In September 2012, the wallet owner bought 412.23 BTC and the address has been dormant ever since.. However, on February 8, 2023, someone withdrew 412.12 BTC from the balance, leaving only 0.11 Bitcoin alone.. Thus, in ten and a half years, someone made a profit of $9.57 million – at the time of purchase, the rate of the first cryptocurrency was $12.36 apiece.

Analysts do not know who was the owner of bitcoins. Perhaps this is an investor who is extremely committed to the “hodling” strategy, or perhaps the owner of bitcoins has only now been able to unlock his wallet. There is a possibility that some hacker was able to get access to the private key of the wallet.

In November 2022, a similar case of dormant address activation occurred on the Ethereum network. The owner of 500 ETH did not touch his assets for more than seven years, but suddenly decided to withdraw them.