Kevin Swanson: “Bitcoin could fall in price by more than 25% after halving”

The cryptocurrency analyst and trader suggests that after the April halving, Bitcoin is able to repeat the trajectory of price fluctuations observed in April and November 2021.

Kevin Svenson shared with his YouTube subscribers his forecast that in the medium term there is an objective probability that the market value of military-technical cooperation will fall by more than 25%. The downward trend in the value of the flagship crypto asset may coincide in time with the BTC halving.

“The scenario I'm looking at right now is that at the time of the halving, we'll see Bitcoin skyrocket to levels of $60,000 or higher, followed by a correction to $44,000-$45,000,” Swenson said.

One of the main drivers of growth in the value of BTC was the speculative expectations of crypto investors against the backdrop of an approaching reduction in rewards for miners. A significant decline and correction will be reminiscent of what happened in 2021, the crypto expert believes.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $51,900 – $52,018.

The day before, the co-founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, said that the crypto market had an ideal situation for continued asset growth and the company does not intend to sell its bitcoin reserves in the foreseeable future.