Paolo Ardoino: “The launch of USDT on the TON blockchain will ensure low cost of transfers”

Tether, the USDT stablecoin issuer, has recently announced its support for The Open Network (TON), a move that adds $10 million in liquidity to the network. It also allows on-chain commissions to be paid in USDT. Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino made this announcement during his speech at the Token 2049 conference in Dubai. He expressed his belief that Telegram, the popular messenger platform, is an ideal platform for introducing cryptocurrencies and launching various applications. According to Ardoino, the integration of USDT on the TON blockchain will ensure low-cost transfers, benefiting both Tether and the users. It is seen as a significant partnership for Tether, given the large user base of the Telegram ecosystem. On the TON side, CEO Andrey Rogozov confirmed that the Wallet wallet integrated into the Telegram messenger has already begun facilitating transactions with USDT on The Open Network. Interestingly, Ardoino mentioned in a previous interview that auditing companies, especially those from the “Big Four,” have shown reluctance to work with Tether due to concerns about their reputation.