1inch introduced a massive update to Fusion

And for this, they developed a revolutionary 1inch Swap EngineIt combines all centralized and decentralized liquidityAnd also introduces a new position of resolvers and important changes in tokenomics1inch Network introduced a massive Fusion update based on the 1inch Swap Engine technology.So, the new Fusion mode allows DeFi users to place orders with a range price and time without paying network fees. It contains major security improvements, as well as updated staking contracts and tokenomics. The 1inch Swap Engine is partially based on existing solutions – 1inch Limit Order Protocol and 1inch Aggregation Protocol. It is a decentralized trading and aggregation system. The engine connects DeFi users with virtually limitless liquidity – both centralized and decentralized – through professional market makers. In essence, the 1inch Swap Engine offers users access to virtually all available liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. The 1inch Swap Engine offers a completely new approach to performing swaps on the DEX. In particular, the Dutch auction model, based on market rates and taking into account the influence of price, is used when matching orders. Orders are executed by resolvers – professional market makers who pay the corresponding gas fees, profiting from arbitrage trading. In order to become a resolver, they will need to stake 1INCH tokens and deposit a sufficient balance of these coins in the “feebank” contract. In the initial stages, resolvers will not pay a commission, but later 1inch DAO may introduce fees for them. The top five resolvers (by 1INCH amount and staking period) will be prioritized for order execution. Fusion Mode The 1inch Swap Engine supports Fusion mode, which allows users to swap tokens to various DEXs without paying network fees at the best prices. Here, the user can choose from three Options: Fast – With this option, the user is willing to accept a slightly less desirable rate so that his swap fills within the first few blocks. Fair – The user agrees to a slightly longer order execution time in exchange for a more desirable rate. The starting rate is slightly higher than the market price, and it is likely that it will change during the execution of the transaction in order to become more beneficial for the user.Auction. Here the user agrees to wait for the maximum order expiration time (10 minutes) in order to get the most favorable rate for their trade. The starting rate is 1% better than the market rate, and this option is especially suitable for high-volume swaps using arbitrage opportunities. Initially, Fusion mode will be active on Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain. It will gradually be added to all networks where 1inch operates. Tokenomics and other upgradesIn Fusion mode, there is increased protection against MEV. More precisely, the developers guarantee 100% protection against such attacks.. The team also worked on tokenomics. Under the new governance system, users can stake their 1INCH tokens for periods ranging from one month to two years. Users who stake 1INCH tokens receive Unicorn Power. This option can be used for several purposes. Participation in network management. Delegating your voice to other users and resolvers in exchange for rewards from the 1inch Resolver rewards program.. As resolvers compete to fill the most profitable orders, priorities will be determined based on how much Unicorn Power is delegated to them. Help for overall network stability. The new system will not allow staking of tokens for a period of less than one month. And the amount of Unicorn Power received from short-term staking will not be enough to influence the decisions of the DAO. In the future, 1inch DAO may introduce new incentives for 1INCH members. For example, spread the fees charged on resolvers to token stakers. The 1inch Resolver Incentive Program will be launched on December 24th. It will reimburse resolvers for the gas spent to fill user orders in Fusion mode. As part of this program, the 1inch Foundation will distribute 10 million 1INCH tokens. The maximum monthly return is 1 million 1INCH tokens per resolver.