$9,100 Drained From US Veteran’s Bank Account – Bank Rejects Responsibility, Demands Victim Pay $2,800 Negative Balance: Report

$9,100 Stolen from US Veteran’s Bank Account – Bank Blames Veteran for Negative Balance

A US military veteran, Roberto Rangel, recently experienced the shock of discovering that $9,100 had disappeared from his bank account. Despite immediately notifying his bank, USAA, about the suspicious activity, Rangel was met with disappointment when the bank refused to reimburse his account. To make matters worse, USAA demanded that Rangel pay a negative balance of $2,800 that was caused by the theft.

In a desperate attempt to settle the balance and maintain his credit score, Rangel made the difficult decision to sell off some of his cherished possessions. However, these measures only added to the stress and frustration he was already facing. Rangel spent months continuously contacting USAA, pleading for the return of his hard-earned retirement savings, but his efforts were in vain.

As a 100% disabled veteran, Rangel’s inability to work further compounded his financial struggles. “It’s very stressful. You get to the point where you don’t know what to do,” he expressed. In a final attempt to seek justice, Rangel reached out to local news outlets to shed light on his situation.

Only when KABB’s news team intervened and contacted USAA did the bank take notice and reevaluate the case. Eventually, the stolen money was returned to Rangel, and the bank released a statement, claiming that they are committed to resolving such issues for their members.

However, this incident is not an isolated one. KABB revealed that they had spoken to more than a dozen individuals who had similar experiences with USAA. The San Antonio-based bank, with over $2.569 billion in assets and more than 13 million members, needs to address the recurring complaints and take appropriate measures to protect its customers’ accounts.