Accenture: Consumers are still actively interested in digital currencies

The consulting company Accenture Global has published a report according to which people around the world are actively interested in digital assets, while preferring bank cards or cash. The survey involved 16,000 people from Europe, Asia, Latin and North America. According to the report, one in five respondents owns cryptocurrencies. About 28% of the owners said that they consider digital assets as long-term investments that will later help to gain a foothold in the cryptocurrency space. Another 22% said they are interested in cryptocurrencies out of curiosity about the industry. The rest are looking for an alternative to the existing financial system and use cryptocurrencies for cross-border payments. Accenture experts noted that recent market developments, such as the bankruptcy of the FTX crypto exchange, are likely to slow the adoption of digital assets until the market is better regulated. The same goes for central bank digital currencies (CBDC) – the lack of standards and difficulty in agreeing on common rules will become an obstacle to their use for cross-border payments.. Nevertheless, in the future, Accenture experts believe, digital currencies of the Central Bank will be able to become a worthy alternative to current payment methods. Notably, of the crypto owners surveyed, only 23% said they trust crypto wallets as a secure means of shopping and paying. Earlier, Chainalysis analysts said that the collapse of FTX is not the worst thing that happened to the industry, and it has a certain margin of safety.