Alexander Tobol: VKontakte is against hype, so now is the best time to launch an NFT service

The technical director of the most massive Russian state social network, Alexander Tobol, explained why the company has only now decided to integrate NFT into its platform.

The top manager made a speech at the Balance cryptocurrency forum in St. Petersburg on December 14. The representative of VKontakte revealed the details of the launch of the VK NFT service, which gives users the opportunity to integrate into the Russian platform and share digital items with other sites.

Alexander Tobol told Bits.Media about how the company looks at Web3 and what it sees interesting in non-fungible tokens. According to him, the main goal of the social network is to become the No. 1 NFT platform in Russia.. The service team, the top manager assures, has a principle – “do not go where there is a lot of hype”. In past years, the NFT field was on the rise, but now the hype has subsided. It is this, and nothing else, that explains that the social network only launched a similar service at the end of 2022.. Yes, the market is depressed and the attitude towards the industry is more wary, but “there used to be more scam”.

Tobol claims that in 2023 VKontakte will launch its own marketplace for NFT trading, and Ethereum, Polygon and Ton will become one of the priority ecosystems for the social network. In the near future, VKontakte promises to actively develop its new service – according to the technical director, it is a kind of transition of a social network from Web2 to Web3.

Earlier, SberUniversity, together with the Sber Blockchain Lab, launched an educational program to study the basics of decentralized finance (DeFi), which includes training in creating smart contracts and issuing NFTs.