Australian policeman accused of stealing 81 Bitcoin

Australian police officer William Wheatley is facing accusations of stealing 81 Bitcoin during a drug raid in 2019. The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) alleges that Wheatley wiped a Trezor hardware wallet containing the cryptocurrency during the investigation. The Bitcoin, valued at $309,000 at the time of the raid, has since increased in value to approximately $4.2 million. Initially, suspicion fell on a crime syndicate associate, but an investigation using crypto tracing software traced the stolen Bitcoin back to Wheatley through IP addresses associated with the transactions. Wheatley maintains his innocence against the charges and is prepared to contest the allegations. This case highlights the growing trend of law enforcement agencies globally adopting crypto-tracing software to combat illicit activities involving digital assets. It also underscores the need for robust security measures and effective investigative techniques in the face of evolving cybercrime and the increasing popularity and value of cryptocurrencies.