Binance plans to attract investment from Warren Buffett

Investor Mike Alfred shared information as an insider. He also explained who manages the treasury of the crypto exchange and shared some financial data. The well-known crypto analyst Mike Alfred shared interesting insiders. He assures that Binance is in talks with potential investors about a new round of fundraising. Including Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. So the crypto exchange wants to increase the level of trust in the brand. Alfred also received information that the company really does not have a financial director, because they “do not need him”. Allegedly, Changpeng Zhao is against centralization. The Binance Treasury employs 20 employees who are not connected by a single manager. This creates a “decentralized director” effect: Just got off the phone with a fund manager closely connected to one of the earliest investors in Binance. He said a few interesting things:1. He confirmed that Binance has no CFO. CZ doesn't want a single centralized CFO. Binance has 20+ employees in its Treasury and they… — Mike Alfred (@mikealfred) December 22, 2022 According to a crypto blogger, Binance is now looking for a new auditor and is negotiating with a suitable company.3. Binance has been in active discussions with a tier 1 auditor for a month. Waiting to see whether they will take them as a client. 4. Binance invested $500M USD in cash in to Twitter and burned $547M in BNB last quarter alone. They argue that Binance has never been… — Mike Alfred (@mikealfred) December 22, 2022. This means “they have never been as strong financially as they are now”: stronger financially.I found all of these points extremely interesting for different reasons.Thoughts? — Mike Alfred (@mikealfred) December 22, 2022 The crypto community tends to believe that Berkshire Hathaway will not invest in Binance. And this is logical, because Warren Buffett and Charles Munger have clearly stated that they do not recognize cryptocurrencies.