Bitcoin Still on an Exponential Upward Trajectory, According to Analyst Kevin Svenson – But There’s a Catch

Bitcoin Continues its Meteoric Rise, Predicts Analyst Kevin Svenson – But There’s a Hitch

Cryptocurrency expert Kevin Svenson remains optimistic about Bitcoin (BTC) despite the recent pullback, suggesting that the crypto is still on an exponential upward trajectory. According to Svenson, as long as Bitcoin maintains support in the mid to high $50,000 range, the broader parabolic trend will remain intact. However, he cautions that if the digital asset breaks below $50,000, it may enter a consolidation phase during the summer months. Despite this possibility, Svenson believes that Bitcoin’s current dip is not out of the ordinary and remains confident in its long-term growth potential. At present, Bitcoin is trading at $61,043, showing a 2.6% decrease in the last 24 hours.

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