Bitget Wallet presents a plan to support the Bitcoin ecosystem

  • Bitget Wallet announced expansion of support for the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • In particular, the service plans to add new solutions based on the Lightning Network and Taproot.

Non-custodial crypto wallet Bitget Wallet (formerly BitKeep Wallet) presented a global plan to support the Bitcoin ecosystem. This was announced to Incrypted by the project team.

The initiative involves increasing investment in research and development of new products to improve user experience and expand trading opportunities, the developers noted.

At the same time, the service already offers a number of services focused on the Bitcoin ecosystem.. In particular, these are cross-chain swaps, as well as on-ramp solutions for EOA (externally owned account) and MPC (distributed computing) wallets.

In addition, Bitget Wallet offers support for updating the Taproot Bitcoin network and the ability to transfer tokens based on the BRC-20 standard.

At the same time, users can gain insight into the market situation through Bitget Swap and interact with popular applications in the Bitget Wallet dApp browser.

The developers noted that the wallet is integrated into projects such as Unisat, ALEX Lab, LifeRestart and Bitmap Explorer. They are accessed through the browser mentioned above.

Notably, the developers also announced an increase in activity and the number of user interactions with dApps focused on “inscriptions”. Bitget Wallet, in turn, allows you to create them through a simple interface.

In the future, the project team intends to concentrate on supporting medium- and long-term cases. Among other things, Bitget Wallet plans to increase investments in the areas of Lightning Network, Nostr and Taproot Assets, BRC-20 and ARC-20.

The developers have separately highlighted the Lightning Network. In particular, the service will support network addresses, the team noted.

In addition, Bitget Wallet plans to introduce asset swaps between the Bitcoin mainnet and the Lightning Network to support cross-chain transactions on Bitget Swap, expanding portfolio diversification and trading options.

Another direction of project development in the future is the issue of Taproot assets.

“As the Bitcoin ecosystem continues to evolve, we are committed to becoming one of the key players in offering users more efficient and convenient ways to manage and grow assets in this ecosystem,” said Bitget Wallet COO Alvin Kahn.