Bitwala and Curve Announce Partnership for Digital Wallet Integration

Bitwala and Curve Forge Exciting Collaboration to Enhance Digital Wallet Experience

Bitwala, an innovative blockchain banking service headquartered in Berlin, has recently joined forces with Curve, a leading digital wallet provider. This promising partnership aims to seamlessly integrate Bitwala’s cutting-edge services into the Curve digital wallet platform. By incorporating Bitwala functionalities into their Curve Wallet, users can now enjoy an exclusive 1% cashback offer on all purchases made over a span of 30 days. Moreover, by effortlessly linking their Curve card to popular digital payment platforms such as Google Pay or Apple Wallet, customers can experience an added layer of convenience and versatility. Impressively, Curve’s unique “Go Back in Time®” feature allows users to retrospectively switch payments between cards, setting itself apart as a truly groundbreaking solution in the digital wallet landscape. This groundbreaking collaboration promises to revolutionize the digital wallet experience for users, empowering them with enhanced security and innovative financial capabilities.