Blum Community in Telegram Becomes Fourth Largest in the World by Number of Subscribers

Blum Crypto Project’s Telegram Community Soars to Fourth Largest Worldwide with 9.8 Million Subscribers

Blum, a highly anticipated crypto project, has achieved a significant milestone in its social media presence. The Blum community on Telegram has surpassed an impressive 9.8 million subscribers and is rapidly inching towards the 10 million mark.

By garnering such a vast number of subscribers, Blum now holds the distinction of being the fourth largest Telegram community in the world. In addition to its main community, Blum also supports 19 other communities in different languages.

The overwhelming popularity of Blum cannot be understated. The project, founded by former Binance executives Gleb Kostarev and Vladimir Smerkis in Russia and the CIS region, has become one of the most talked-about and highly anticipated crypto projects of the year.

The founders believe that Blum will revolutionize cryptocurrency trading by providing users with a completely new and enhanced user experience. It is worth mentioning that Blum is listed as one of the most promising projects on the latest Binance Launchpad. Currently, Blum is attracting new users through an actively promoted farming program.

Users have the opportunity to expand their referral network by inviting their contacts to join Blum. It’s important to note that building a referral network is not the sole method of accumulating points. Users can also earn rewards and complete tasks by launching the Blum app daily.

Join the Blum bot today and start earning points as part of this thriving community!