BNB Chain became the largest blockchain by the number of wallets

They bypassed Ethereum and other networksThe record volume of transactions was recorded in MayDespite the crypto winter, BNB Chain has a reason to celebrate a brilliant achievement. More than 230 million unique addresses were registered here this Thursday. According to the company, this allowed the network to surpass Ethereum and become “the largest Tier 1 blockchain in the world.” In addition, the network also set records for transaction volume.. In May 2022, it reached 9.8 million. And the peak number of daily active users was 2.2 million in October. Alvin Kahn, director of development and operations of BNB Chain, comments on these achievements: “Our team has made significant progress in the development of blockchain technology. We launched BNB Sidechain, zkBNB, Binance Oracle. Implemented security tools such as AvengerDAO and others. This gave us faster transactions, lower costs, and more bandwidth.. And the developers got the confidence that they will get a large number of users. The BNB Chain team is committed to providing a secure and user-friendly platform as we move forward on our mission to bring the next billion users to Web3.” The company highlighted that one of the most important changes to its ecosystem is strengthening decentralization by adding 23 more validators to the block production process.. This move increased the total number of validators to 49. They plan to introduce new decentralization tools, as detailed in the roadmap.