Celsius demanded from Alex Mashinsky to return the funds withdrawn from the platform

Representatives of the bankrupt crypto lender Celsius went to court to return millions of dollars that the company considers lost due to the incompetent actions of its founder.

Lawyers of the company sent documents to the court on compensation for damages and collection of a fine. The documents allege that Alex Mashinsky, who left the post of CEO in September, and other top managers incompetently conducted the company's business.. They “manipulated the price of the CEL token and made reckless, reckless and sometimes self-serving investments”. As a result of such actions, the crypto creditor lost more than $1 billion in a year.

The company requires Mashinsky to return $ 2.8 million, and his wife Krissy Mashinsky (Krissy Mashinsky) – another 4.9 million, which she withdrew from Celsius. The authors of the lawsuit insist that more than $ 25 million withdrawn by other employees of the company should also be returned.

Before Celsius suspended operations, Mashinsky withdrew $10 million from the platform. But representatives of the founder claim that these were scheduled payments.

In July, Celsius filed for financial insolvency under the provisions of Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.. The company was supposed to submit a restructuring plan within four months, but soon applied to the court for an extension of the deadline. The court agreed to push back the date until February 15, 2023. However, the Celsius lawyers then requested another 44 days.

Celsius management would like to postpone the vote on the extension of the deadline to June 30. Lawyers for the crypto lender explained that the extension is critical as it will allow the platform to resolve the situation more quickly and smoothly.

In response, the US authorities, a committee of creditors and a special group of borrowers filed a motion against postponing the voting date on the restructuring plan proposed by Celsius Network.