Chatbot-developed meme coin reaches $50M market cap with $69 budget

  • This is a meme coin, developed entirely by ChatGPT-4
  • The project has a budget of only $69

In late April, digital artist Rhett Mankind tweeted that he asked ChatGPT-4 to develop a meme coin.

The chatbot not only chose a name and marketing strategy, but also prepared a smart token contract. And on May 3 its market capitalization reached $50 million.

“I set ChatGPT-4 a budget of $69 and asked it to create the next popular meme coin. I will exactly follow all his instructions. We’ll see what comes of it,” the user noted.

According to a tweet on the project’s official page, on May 3 the asset’s capitalization exceeded $50 million.. The price has risen more than 300% in one day.

At the time of writing, the Turbo meme is trading at $0.0005761. Daily transaction volume is $39.51 million, with capitalization down to below $40 million.

The Turbo ChatGPT-4 development was guided by several criteria. Specifically, Mankind asked him to “put” a whale-proof mechanism into the token. Here you can see the white paper on the project.

It is interesting that the first attempt to bring the asset to market failed.. Mankind has reissued a token with an offer volume of 69 billion “coins,” of which it has 9 billion.

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