China builds AI platform ‘Supermind’ to track researchers worldwide

China has recently launched Supermind, an AI platform with the aim of tracking researchers and institutes worldwide. Developed by Chinese academics, Supermind utilizes AI to gather data from various sources, including scientific research papers and patents. While details about the platform are limited, it appears to be decentralized, allowing users access to a large repository of information. The platform has potential applications such as providing Chinese enterprises with recent AI breakthroughs and offering regulators real-time AI innovation to aid in rulemaking. Additionally, Supermind can serve as a talent pipeline for local technology companies in need of AI and machine learning experts. However, concerns have been raised about potential geo-restrictions on the platform. Despite these concerns, China’s booming AI ecosystem continues to thrive, with technology giants like Alibaba and Baidu releasing numerous AI products in a short period. Chinese authorities are also focused on ensuring the safe and regulated use of AI technology, cracking down on crimes involving AI and blockchain while seeking alignment with global standards.