COZ releases Boa v1.2.0, introducing boa-test-constructor and other improvements

COZ has launched Boa v1.2.0, the newest version of its Python smart contract compiler designed for the Neo N3 blockchain. This latest release presents numerous significant enhancements and improvements aimed at optimizing the development experience.

One of the prominent features in v1.2.0 is the introduction of the boa-test-constructor. To install it, developers can make use of the command `pip install neo3-boa[test]`. The boa-test-constructor replaces NeoTestRunner for unit testing purposes. This update also incorporates support for type union annotations utilizing the pipe operator, offering developers greater flexibility in their coding.

The update brings various deprecations to streamline coding practices. Typing aliases now trigger deprecated warnings, and the usage of List, Dict, and Tuple from the typing module is deprecated in favor of built-in types. Similarly, the import of Collection, Mapping, MutableSequence, and Sequence should now be done from

Moreover, the function signature of NeoMetadata.add_permission has been enhanced for improved intuitiveness, making it easier to add multiple method permissions. The @metadata decorator has been removed, and from now on, the metadata function will be identified through the `NeoMetadata` as the function return type.

In addition to these, version 1.2.0 addresses various fixes and removals. Python 3.10 support has been discontinued, tuple annotation behavior has been rectified, and the runtime.script_container now accurately returns the transaction type, eliminating the need for casting.

For a comprehensive overview of the release, please refer to the following link: