Crypto expert Michaël van de Poppe predicts ‘big bull cycle’ for these assets

Crypto expert Michaël van de Poppe foresees a “big bull cycle” for hard assets such as cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver. In a recent analysis, van de Poppe emphasized the comparatively low valuations of these assets in relation to the US dollar and stocks. He suggested that investors should take advantage of this opportunity and accumulate crypto, gold, and silver in their portfolios before the anticipated bull cycle begins. Van de Poppe’s observations align with the current price trends, as gold has experienced a slight decline but still maintains a positive monthly increase, while silver has also seen a drop but boasts significant gains over the past month. In terms of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is consolidating and expected to retest the $68K mark before continuing its upward trajectory, according to van de Poppe. Additionally, he believes that undervalued altcoins like Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin in the coming months. As always, it is important to note that investing in these assets carries risks, and this information should not be considered as financial advice.