Daily: Alameda Research ran USDT/USD long scams

The most important news of the day is already hereIn this digest: Former heads of FTX and Alameda Research pleaded guilty and are cooperating with the investigationSEC called the FTX exchange token a securityThor received a lawsuit from the SEC for an unsuccessful ICOGenesis and DCG creditors developed a plan on how to pay off Gemini Earn clientsCryptocurrencies can cause next financial crisisCaroline Ellison may bail $250,000MetaMask Swaps added swaps to Arbitrum and OptimismPolygon released a second testnet zkEVMHuobi announced the launch of a crypto card in partnership with VisaCoinbase received a license from the Central Bank of IrelandFTX paid for the purchase of the Blockfolio platform mainly at the expense of FTTBinance responded to Reuters accusations about “black bookkeeping”Alameda Research scrolled scams with USDT/USD longsBritish Columbia introduces a moratorium on new mining farmsSettlements in stablecoins in 2023 may exceed Visa paymentsGarry Kasparov on Bitcoin, freedom and Ukraine On Twitter, you can view charts of some cryptocurrencies. They allowed you to receive deductions from short positions every hour. Dylan Leclerc from Bitcoin Magazine described another “equipment” that was probably scrolled by Alameda Research on FTX. So, the broker had a long USDT/short USD margin position (using, as we remember, client funds). Laker suggested that due to this, the company was collecting royalties in long positions from investors who were short in USDT. federal fraud charges. Caroline Ellison pleaded guilty to 7 counts. The maximum punishment for them can be 110 years in prison.. Gary Wang agreed to 4 counts, which means 50 years in prison.. This is indicated in the complaint filed by the regulator against Alameda's Caroline Ellison and FTX's Gary Wang. The SEC added that FTX team members were allocated a large number of exchange tokens. and the US exchanges (SEC) filed a complaint against the blockchain company Thor Technologies. The essence of the claims concerns the initial coin offering (ICO or, as they say now, token sale). His company held back in 2018. Which means the company violated the Securities Act of 1933. Read more Genesis and DCG lenders have developed a plan to pay off Gemini Earn clients So far, Gemini Earn clients still cannot withdraw assets Genesis and DCG Committee of Creditors Proposes Plan to Settle Companies' Financial Liabilities. Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of Gemini, announced this on Twitter.. As a reminder, Gemini Earn clients are unable to withdraw their assets due to liquidity issues with crypto lender Genesis. Read moreCryptocurrencies may cause the next financial crisisHe called private cryptocurrencies a tool for speculationShaktikanta Das – the head of the Reserve Bank of India said that if cryptocurrencies are regulated, then this will entail the next financial crisis. At a recent conference when discussing the cryptocurrency sector, he did not even hide his words and said that crypto assets will cause the next crash.. Das was referring to private cryptocurrencies. Read moreCaroline Ellison may be released on $250,000 bailEx-head of Alameda will be seized from ill-earned fundsJournalists from Inner City Press published details of the Justice Department's charges against former head of Alameda Research Caroline Ellison. This publication specializes in studying court documents in the Southern District of New York. Recall that Allison made a deal with the investigation, and is also ready to cooperate with other law enforcement agencies.Read moreMetaMask Swaps added swaps to Arbitrum and OptimismThey are also available in Portfolio Dapp MetaMask Swaps announced on the integration of swaps in two Layer 2 networks – Arbitrum and Optimism. Prior to that, they supported the Ethereum mainnet, as well as BSC, Polygon and Avalanche. Swaps will also be available in the Portfolio Dapp, a universal tracker that reflects all assets in a client's portfolio.Read more Polygon released the second zkEVM testnet launch of the second zkEVM test network. The purpose of this move is to test a new update that is supposedly capable of enabling exponential growth in the scalability of Ethereum. We detailed this Polygon project when we launched the first zkEVM testnet in October of this year. Read more Huobi announced the launch of a crypto card in partnership with Visa including coupon giveawayHuobi cryptocurrency exchange announces partnership with Visa. As part of this agreement, the participants in the transaction will issue a new bank card. At the initial stage, the new card will be available only on the European market. The company has not yet announced in which countries the project will be launched, but Huobi promises to make it global.Read moreCoinbase received a license from the Central Bank of IrelandCoinbase became one of the registered counterparties of VASP in the field of digital assets (VASP). The regional branch will be headed by Cormac Dinan. The license of the Central Bank of Ireland covers two divisions of the exchange – Coinbase Europe Ltd and Coinbase Custody International Ltd. Read moreThe Sei Ecosystem in InfographicsWhat is Arbitrum and will there be a drop? 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