Do Kwon cashed out almost 10 BTC in Serbia

Do Kwon found himself in SerbiaHe cashed out 10 BTC stolen from LFG's accountIt looks like Terra's co-founder is preparing further escapeWe previously reported that Terra's co-founder Do Kwon is hiding in Serbia. This assumption was made in the prosecutor's office of South Korea. And now, apparently, she has received some confirmation. The Digital Asset portal claims that the fugitive cashed out part of his BTC supply in Serbia. Crypto ATMs have been installed in the country, and local authorities are quite loyal to cryptocurrency. The disgraced co-founder of Terra withdrew 9.64 BTC, which at the current rate is about 200 million won or $162.64 thousand. Where exactly and when he withdrew these funds is still unknown, but the place is definitely in Serbia. Do Kwon cashed out cryptocurrency for the first time during his escape. Recall that Interpol issued a “red notice” to him, and in South Korea, the fugitive faces a term for violating the “Law on Capital Markets.” Where does this money come from? According to Digital Asset, these bitcoins were withdrawn on November 8 from the Luna Foundation Guard account to the Binance wallet.. At that time, the amount was 260 million won, that is, more than $200,000. Now this money cannot be returned, since it cannot be proven that it was taken from the LFG wallet. It is noteworthy that before that, Do Kwon mostly consolidated funds and “laundered” them. Why did he need such an impressive amount? Obviously to run away with the family. The most likely option seems to be with the UAE, since there is no extradition in the Emirates. At the same time, he still has a supply of money. So, for example, on November 30, he transferred 6983 BTC from a Binance LFG account to an unknown wallet. At the current exchange rate, this is more than $117 million.