Fake NFT Project Hack? CTO Vanishes After Allegedly Stealing 94 SOL

Alleged NFT Project Scandal Erupts as CTO Disappears Following 94 SOL Theft

In a shocking turn of events, an alleged hack or rug pull has come to light in the world of NFTs. Crypto detective ZachXBT recently uncovered details of an incident involving the misuse of funds by the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Nuddies NFT project. However, the saga took a surprising twist as the CTO, named Kyle, announced a response to the allegations but then mysteriously vanished amidst growing criticism.

ZachXBT’s investigation revealed that Kyle allegedly orchestrated a hack to steal the project’s funds. On March 3, Kyle posted in the Nuddies NFT Discord server, claiming that his wallets had been hacked. He attributed the hack to a “zombie process” that had taken control of his computer through the TeamViewer app, granting access to the project and his wallets. According to Kyle, approximately $17,000 worth of SOL was taken from the Nuddies NFT creator wallet, along with $28,300 from his personal Discord wallets. He expressed deep distress over the loss of the project’s treasury money.

However, ZachXBT’s analysis of on-chain data paints a different picture. The crypto detective’s post reveals evidence contradicting Kyle’s account. It appears that Kyle actually lied to the holders and stole 94 SOL, equivalent to $12,000, during the alleged hack. The investigation discovered that the funds were transferred from the Nuddies Royalty Wallet to an exchange deposit at a specific time, with a subsequent transaction to one of Kyle’s wallets. The transaction involved the purchase of two NFTs, namely DeGods 2921 and y00t 10991, using 3.42 ETH valued at around $11,700. Notably, the DeGods NFT was used as Kyle’s profile picture on X until recently.

Upon the exposure of these accusations, Kyle responded on his X account, suggesting that he was preparing a response. However, after changing his profile picture, Kyle eventually vanished, leaving unanswered questions and a growing sense of suspicion. Nuddies NFT’s account also disappeared shortly after posting a message about the creator wallet being refilled with $12,000. The allegations took another perplexing turn as the project’s website reportedly stopped functioning, leading to further uncertainty about its future.

Meanwhile, one of the individuals to whom Kyle had given access keys to the project was apparently unaware of the situation. Juiceddd, an NFT artist responsible for redrawing the entire Nuddies collection with over 70 new traits, found himself unexpectedly becoming the owner of everything overnight. Juiceddd is considering sharing his perspective on the incident, highlighting the vulnerability of artists in such situations.

As the Nuddies NFT project hangs in the balance, the community waits anxiously for more information and clarity. The alleged theft and subsequent actions by the CTO have caused shockwaves within the NFT space, raising concerns about security and trust in the emerging industry.