FBI Investigates Bitcoin Developer Event Linked to Luke Dashjr’s Hack

FBI Investigates Bitcoin Seminar Linked to Luke Dashjr’s Hack

In response to a subpoena, Mike Schmidt has provided details of participants at a Bitcoin seminar connected to the investigation of Luke Dashjr’s Bitcoin theft. Schmidt, who co-founded Brink, received the subpoena from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), requesting personal information of attendees from the October 2022 CoreDev Atlanta event. According to Schmidt’s social media post, the FBI approached him for cooperation a year ago, but due to a non-disclosure order, he could only share about the investigation after the order expired.

“Some of you were invited to the event and attended all of the days, and some of you stopped by for some period of time as guests,” Schmidt mentioned. He complied with the FBI subpoena, providing information on attendees at the seminar as part of the investigation into the theft of Luke Dashjr’s bitcoins. Schmidt revealed that the FBI agent revised their original request after some resistance, ultimately obtaining the full names, GitHub usernames, and email addresses of the attendees.

Although Schmidt doesn’t possess further information about the investigation or the reason behind the subpoena, he couldn’t help but highlight the irony of the situation. “The guy who wants to tell you how to use Bitcoin couldn’t even secure his own Bitcoin and, as a consequence, got everyone at a conference he attended doxxed by the FBI,” Schmidt remarked in his post.

It is worth noting that Luke Dashjr, a prominent Bitcoin developer, revealed in 2023 that he lost almost all of his Bitcoin holdings after his PGP key was compromised. The hackers managed to steal over 200 BTC, amounting to over $14.2 million based on the current Bitcoin price of $71,000