FTX CEO Announces Potential Crypto Exchange Restart

The FTX CEO said he is looking into resurrecting the trading floor as one of the options for restructuring the company and recovering customer funds.

The CEO of the bankrupt crypto exchange, John Ray, told the media about his potential intention to revive the trading platform.. Ray said he has set up a working group to look into relaunching, the company's main platform. The CEO intends to find out whether the restoration of the site will bring more value to clients than what his team could receive from a simple liquidation of assets or a sale of the platform.

“We are collaborating with many stakeholders who can evaluate a potentially viable business. If this path leads to success, then we will do it, ”John Ray promised.

Amid rumors about a possible restart of the cryptocurrency exchange, the native token of the FTT platform on Thursday, January 19, rose by almost 30% and, according to TradingView, was trading at about $2.56.

Last week, the head of FTX reported to the exchange's creditors' committee on the interim administration's efforts to recover the exchange's assets.