Google Announces a Change in its Cryptocurrency Policy

Google Announces a Change in its Cryptocurrency Policy

Google announced it will update its policy on advertising cryptocurrency trusts, a type of financial product that allows investors to trade in trusts that hold large pools of digital currencies.

The new policy will go into effect on January 29, 2024 and will require advertisers offering cryptocurrency trust services in the United States to meet certain requirements and be approved by Google before they can run ads on its platform.

According to Google, the policy change aims to clarify the scope and requirements for advertising cryptocurrency trusts, which are different from cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets. All changes will be announced on January 29.

Google said it expects all advertisers to comply with local laws in all regions targeted by their ads, and that this policy will apply to all accounts advertising these products globally. Google added that advertisers who violate the policy will not have their accounts suspended immediately, but will receive a warning of at least seven days before any action is taken.

Google banned all cryptocurrency-related ads in 2018, but later relaxed the ban in 2019, allowing regulated cryptocurrency exchanges to advertise in the US and Japan.

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