Here Is When Cardano Is Expected to Reach $1.16, $3.32, And $7.16

Here Is When Cardano Is Expected to Reach $1.16, $3.32, And $7.16

A group of crypto analysts have released their predictions for Cardano, as they estimate the year ADA could hit $1.16, $3.32, and $7.16, respectively.

ADA, the native token of Cardano, has recorded significant gains since the beginning of the year, surging 142% year-to-date (YTD).

ADA was changing hands at $0.59 at press time, up 26% over the past 24 hours. Despite ADA’s massive growth this year, the crypto asset is still down 80.72% from its all-time high (ATH) of $3.09.

With ADA’s recent price surge, Cardano community members hope the rally continues, taking the coin closer to its previous ATH.

According to a recent blog post by Changelly, a group of crypto experts released their price prediction for ADA, speculating when ADA could reach $1.16, $3.32, and $7.16.

ADA Price At $1.16

While ADA has been recording significant gains and surging to around $0.6 recently, the crypto analysts do not think the ninth-largest cryptocurrency would reach $1 anytime soon. According to their latest prediction, ADA could hit $1.16 by December 2025.

The $1.16 projected price could be the asset’s maximum value by 2025. Furthermore, they also speculate that ADA’s minimum price will be around $0.972 by 2025, while its average price is $1.01.

Here Is When ADA Will Reach $3.32

The experts predict that ADA could surpass its previous all-time high of $3.09 by October 2028. In this period, they project that ADA will reach a maximum price of $3.32 towards the end of the year.

However, the coin’s price might drop to a minimum of $2.72 within the same period and an average price of $2.80.

ADA At $7.16

The Changelly forecast shows that ADA will hit a maximum price of $7.16 by 2030. This massive price surge will be driven by massive adoption as more investors accumulate the coin.

In the same year, the analysts affiliated with Changelly also pegged the minimum and average price of the altcoin at $6.16 and $6.33, respectively.

It bears mentioning that there is no guarantee that ADA could reach the projected prices at the estimated year. Consequently, investors must tread with caution when investing in ADA and other crypto assets.

Crypto assets are generally subject to massive price fluctuations as multiple factors, including ongoing SEC enforcement actions, could impact ADA’s value.