Iranian government returns seized equipment to miners

The Iranian government has tasked state-owned electricity company Tavanir with preparing proposals on how to use mining equipment without damaging the national power grid. Previously, Tavanir cut off power to all illegal mining facilities it found, confiscated equipment, and fined their operators for damage to the national distribution network.. At the beginning of 2023, more than 7,000 illegal mining farms were identified and closed, and the amount of equipment transferred to the storage of the Office for the Collection and Sale of State Property (OCSSOP) exceeded 150,000 units. According to Iranian media, citing a high-ranking official at OCSSOP, while developing proposals to optimize the load on the country's energy distribution network, the agency has begun returning previously seized equipment to its owners. The Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade has said that companies that want to continue mining crypto assets legally will need to obtain a license and permission to import energy.. In addition, mining equipment must be approved by the Iranian Standards Organization, and miners must pay export tariffs for electricity. In November, the National Iranian Gas Company of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry of Iran informed miners about the increase in natural gas tariffs.. The increase is retroactive and applies to the entire fiscal year that began in March 2022.