Is DePIN the Dark Horse of the Next Crypto Bull Run?

Could DePIN be the Dark Horse of the next crypto bull run?

According to cryptocurrency analyst Miles Deutscher, AI crypto tokens are expected to experience significant gains in the upcoming bull run. While there are various AI crypto tokens to choose from, Deutscher has his sights set on a specific category called DePIN, which stands for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure.

Deutscher believes that the AI sector will be one of the top performers in the crypto market during this bull run. Instead of investing in random AI coins, he is focusing on DePIN as the key beneficiary. He cites Lark Davis, who suggests that DePIN could contribute $10 trillion to the global GDP, and Messari’s prediction that DePIN could bring in $100 trillion in the next decade.

In the short term, Messari forecasts that the DePIN sector will reach $3.5 trillion in the next four years. However, Deutscher believes this prediction is too conservative and anticipates an even higher figure. He attributes this potential growth to the strong flywheel mechanics involved.

Deutscher explains that traditional physical infrastructure has always held a monopoly over the economy, but it comes with high maintenance costs and is often unaffordable for small players. DePIN, on the other hand, offers cost reduction, horizontal scaling, and rewards for network contributors. This allows for increased infrastructure deployment as more participants engage in the ecosystem.

As the crypto bull market approaches, DePIN could emerge as the dark horse, offering unique advantages in the world of decentralized physical infrastructure. With its potential to revolutionize the economy and attract significant investments, DePIN may become a promising investment opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the growth of the AI sector during the bull run.