Machine learning algorithm predicts WIF price on March 31, 2024

Machine learning algorithm predicts WIF price on March 31, 2024

Meme cryptocurrencies have taken part of the lead in the current rally, prompting the market to speculate on the extent of their potential gains.

Among these meme coins, Dogwifhat (WIF), a dog-themed cryptocurrency launched on the Solana (SOL) chain, stands out as a noteworthy digital asset, showcasing a remarkable surge approximately three months after its launch.

To assess WIF’s potential trading range in the upcoming weeks, Finbold sought insights from CoinCodex, a cutting-edge platform utilizing AI-driven machine-learning algorithms. The analysis projected that WIF could reach $5.25 by the end of March, indicating a substantial increase of around 127% from its current price at the time of publication.

Catalysts behind WIF rally

Notably, the Dogwifhat rally has positioned the coin as one of the standout performers in the current market conditions.

This surge can be attributed to various factors, including the increasing interest among retail investors in search of the next breakout meme coin with the potential to replicate gains seen in other coins, such as Shiba Inu (SHIB).

In general, WIF has potentially benefited from the overall frenzy surrounding meme coins on the Solana blockchain. Remarkably, the interest in meme coins on the blockchain has led to the native token, SOL, surpassing the $150 mark for the first time since 2022.

Given the surge observed in WIF, there is speculation about whether the coin can compete with other leading meme coins, such as Dogecoin (DOGE). The token indeed has the potential to achieve a higher ranking, especially after gaining support following its listing on Binance.

As of press time, WIF was trading at $2.30, exhibiting a 24-hour gain of nearly 9%. Over the past seven days, the token has experienced a notable rally of about 45%.

While the ongoing rally and prediction paint a positive picture for the meme coin ecosystem, including tokens like WIF, it is important to exercise caution. Meme coins lack underlying utility or established use cases, making them highly susceptible to market fluctuations and potential crashes.

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