MakerDAO is going to fund the fight against climate change

The management of the MakerDAO smart contract platform believes that financial infrastructure directly affects climate change.

One of the founders of the site, Rune Christensen, proposed the creation of a fund in the amount of 20,000 MKR tokens ($14 million) to finance the Science Foundation. The Foundation studies ways to combat climate change and publishes materials on certain methods of energy production.

“MakerDAO has always recognized the close relationship between financial infrastructure and global environmental risk. We have always been guided by the science of sustainability – this is one of the main principles of Maker, says Rune Christensen.

Not everyone in the MakerDAO community liked the co-founder's proposal. Some believe that the claims are not supported by anything: they say that there is no connection between the financial world and the environment, and there is no climate catastrophe.. Others even call the proposal garbage, and its supporters “thieves who seek to destroy the value of MKR”. .

In November, the MakerDAO community refused to invest in $100 million to $500 million in debt securities and government bonds offered by CoinShares.