Making $1M with XRP: Bitrue Stirs Debate on Re-investing $1M in XRP or Buying a Tesla

Earning $1 million with XRP has caused quite a stir in the crypto community, as Bitrue, a major XRP exchange, recently posed the question of whether investors would choose to invest more in XRP or buy a Tesla with their newfound wealth. The post quickly garnered over 106.7K views within 24 hours, sparking a range of reactions.

Interestingly, some community members expressed their reluctance to choose either option. King Solomon, CEO of Generation Infinity, humorously remarked that neither a Tesla nor more XRP assets would be his top consideration. Others questioned the logic of selling XRP tokens to realize the $1 million and buying a car, highlighting the potential tax implications. Instead, some users, like Zach Scott, emphasized the goal of passive income generation through crypto investments.

Moreover, a few commenters interpreted Bitrue’s post as a possible hint at significant future developments that could increase the value of XRP and potentially make individuals millionaires.

Analyzing the hypothetical long-term returns, it is worth noting that if an investor had purchased XRP assets in 2014 instead of a Tesla, they would now possess a portfolio worth approximately $8.28 million. This calculation suggests that investing in digital assets like XRP could be more lucrative compared to buying a liability asset like a car.

While some skeptics doubted the possibility of generating $1 million from XRP, with one user humorously suggesting it would require holding 2 million XRP acquired at $0.5 each for about two decades, the broader sentiment remains divided on XRP’s potential for significant returns.

In conclusion, Bitrue’s query on whether to invest more in XRP or buy a Tesla with $1 million earned from XRP has sparked a lively debate within the crypto community, highlighting the conflicting opinions on the best use of crypto wealth.