Market Analyst Forecasts an XRP Surge to $27: Here’s the Projected Price Trajectory

Market Analyst Forecasts an XRP Surge to $27: Here’s the Projected Price Trajectory

XRP could see its price surge to $27, as EGRAG, a prominent market analyst, recently projected a price trajectory through which the asset could sail to the ambitious price target.

EGRAG’s analysis revolves around the upcoming monthly close. He emphasized the monthly close’s immense significance in determining XRP’s trajectory.

Significance of the Monthly Close

The analyst introduced two contrasting scenarios. These scenarios present market participants with a comprehensive outlook for both bullish and bearish possibilities.

On the bearish side, EGRAG warns that XRP delicately perches on the edge of the Fibonacci level of 0.5. Currently, the Fib. 0.5 territory rests on the $0.6069 price territory.

According to him, if November concludes below this critical level, accompanied by a bearish candle formation, XRP could face a potential drift into what he dubs the “yellow triangle territory.” This zone rests below the $0.60 price mark, signifying a precarious position for XRP.

Conversely, the bullish outlook presents a hopeful scenario. If XRP manages to secure this month’s close above the Fib 0.5 level ($0.6069), specifically trading at the $0.60 and $0.61 range, it would mark the first bullish monthly candle close in an uptrend.

EGRAG revealed that previous monthly closures occurred in a downtrend. He further made connections to historical patterns, pointing to the notable events of the December 2017 candlestick’s peak and the bull run candlestick of April 2021.

The closure above Fib 0.5, according to EGRAG, lays the foundation for a new phase in XRP’s price trajectory. As previous closures were ensconced in a downward trend, this impending shift suggests a departure from those familiar territories.

XRP to Target $27

EGRAG uses the metaphor of constructing a tower to illustrate the process. According to him, like building a tower, establishing new price ranges takes time and often remains unseen by the public eye.

Addressing the XRP community, the analyst noted that the forecasted $27 price point would serve as the sturdy bedrock upon which future prices will form. At XRP’s current price of $0.6220, even the $27 target is an ambitious target.

To hit this point, XRP would need to rally by 4,240% from its current value. Moreover, data from EGRAG’s chart confirms that XRP must conquer several resistance points before clinching this price. One such resistance sits at the Fib. 1 level currently at $3.3258.