Media: Sam Bankman-Fried discusses making book based on FTX story

The founder of the collapsed crypto exchange during his house arrest met with a writer who, members of the crypto community believe, is going to write a book or a script for a film based on the events around FTX. Sam Bankman-Fried was arrested in the Bahamas on fraud charges but later released on $250 million bail and is now under house arrest at his parents' home in California. According to media reports, it was there that American writer and journalist Michael Lewis, who wrote the best-selling book The Big Short, spent several hours in the company of a former cryptocurrency billionaire. Earlier, representatives of Lewis said that the collapse of the FTX exchange could be a worthy reason to create another blockbuster. In addition, the best-selling author discussed with Bankman-Freed the possibility of writing a book about the history of FTX long before its debacle. The crypto community reacted ambiguously to the meeting of the former head of FTX with a fiction writer. Some called it absurd and an attempt to cover up criminals through a book.. Crypto enthusiast Nick Carter has suggested that law enforcement investigate Lewis himself as well, as the writer has been closely monitoring Bankman-Freed's activities for six months and found nothing suspicious. The situation was commented even by a supporter of investment in gold Peter Schiff (Peter Schiff). The cryptoskeptic believes that if history is created only according to Bankman-Freed, it will be fiction. Therefore, Schiff suggested that Lewis talk to more reliable sources to find out how everything really happened. One Twitter user wrote that if a movie based on FTX is made, it will be interesting to watch only if Bankman-Fried names several names and company names, after which they completely fall apart. However, not all members of the cryptocurrency community are so categorical.. The idea of using the profits from the sale of a potential blockbuster to pay out FTX users is gaining popularity. In November, former MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor suggested that the FTX story could indeed inspire filmmakers to make a movie like The Wolf of Wall Street.