MultiversX Partners with eCornell University for a Blockchain Education Project

MultiversX, a leading blockchain protocol known for its use of sharding technology for horizontal scalability, has announced a new partnership with eCornell University to launch an innovative blockchain education project. This collaboration aims to provide comprehensive blockchain-related education to underprivileged students. MultiversX has previously collaborated with renowned institutions such as ELTE Budapest and the University of Vienna.

The collaboration with eCornell University signifies MultiversX’s commitment to promoting education globally. The platform has already organized successful hackathons and introductory blockchain courses in partnership with various universities and colleges worldwide. The partnership with eCornell University specifically focuses on offering cutting-edge tech education.

As part of this initiative, MultiversX will introduce the “Blockchain Essentials Certificate Program” this summer, where one hundred underserved students from around the world will receive sponsored certificates. MultiversX will cover the course fees for these students, prioritizing access to blockchain education.

Furthermore, participating students will have the opportunity to explore the vast opportunities within the blockchain sector. They will also gain hands-on experience using MultiversX’s tech stack, which will culminate in a practical challenge at the end of the course. This project aims to enhance students’ learning and provide valuable real-world experience to support their future careers.

CEO Beniamin Mincu expressed his excitement about the partnership and emphasized the potential for innovation in the blockchain realm. He highlighted that the collaboration with eCornell University reflects MultiversX’s dedication to improving access to the tech industry. Mincu emphasized that this education project is just one of the ways the company is working to simplify onboarding for builders to Web3 and drive further advancements in blockchain technology.