Neo and Meme2Earn launch Neo X Vs. Toxic MEV meme contest

Neo and Meme2Earn launch Neo X Vs. Toxic MEV meme contest

Neo has teamed up with Meme2Earn to kick off the Neo X Vs. Toxic MEV meme contest. This initiative invites meme creators to showcase their talent by creating memes centered around Neo’s MEV resistance mechanism, a key feature of the forthcoming Neo X EVM side-chain, and a topic detailed in Neo’s recent Medium article.

A prize pool of US $500 in TIPS tokens is available and the competition opened on Feb. 28, at 11:00 AM UTC.

Participation Details

In order to participate in the competition, users must have a Meme2Earn account linked to a Twitter/X account. Contestants are tasked with crafting original memes that reflect the theme of Neo X’s MEV resistance mechanism. These creations should then be posted in the designated Neo X Vs. Toxic MEV [CONTEST] category on Meme2Earn.

To ensure eligibility, participants must adhere to the following six rules:

  1. Follow both Neo and Meme2Earn on Twitter/X.
  2. Read Meme2Earn’s and Neo’s posts about the contest.
  3. Familiarize themselves with the MEV resistance mechanism through Neo’s article, understanding how dBFT and enveloped transactions aim to mitigate MEV issues.
  4. Submit any number of relevant memes to the appropriate category on within the contest timeline.
  5. Share their memes on Twitter with specified hashtags and mentions, highlighting the contest and its sponsors.
  6. Link their Twitter post back to the meme on Meme2Earn, confirming their participation.

Participants holding Meme2Earn’s Hired Gun and OG statuses will benefit from upvote multipliers, increasing their chances in the contest.

Prize Structure

The contest features a prize pool of US $500 in TIPS tokens, distributed among the top 30 memes based on tallied upvotes. Prizes range from $100 for first place to $10 for those placing 6th to 30th. The determination of winners from first to fifth places will take into consideration the participant’s Twitter followers, meme upvotes, and judgments by Meme2Earn OGs, the Neo Foundation, and Neo Global Development.

Contest Timeline

The Neo X Vs. Toxic MEV meme contest opened on Feb. 28 at 11:00 AM UTC and concludes on Mar. 6, at 11:00 AM UTC. Following this, the tallying of upvotes alongside any applicable multipliers will commence, leading to the announcement of winners on Discord after deliberation by the judges and OGs a few days later.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: