Notcoin: How to Boost Your Earnings Before the Telegram Game’s Airdrop

Notcoin: Maximizing Your Earnings Before the Telegram Game’s Airdrop

For the past couple of months, over 26 million people have been captivated by the viral clicker game, Notcoin, on Telegram. What started as a simple game where players click a button to “mine” coins has now evolved into something much more exciting. Recently, the team behind Notcoin confirmed the launch of a token on The Open Network (TON) in late March or early April, promising an airdrop for players. With this exciting development, let’s explore how you can make the most out of Notcoin and boost your earnings.

The gameplay mechanics of Notcoin are straightforward yet addictive. By tapping a button, you receive Notcoin. Initially, your energy bar is full, which determines the number of coins you can earn through tapping. When your energy level hits zero, you have two options: wait for it to fill up or use boosts to refill it. Boosts can be purchased using your accumulated Notcoin, enabling you to overcome these roadblocks and continue earning coins.

There are two categories of free boosts available: Turbo and Full Energy. The Turbo boost activates a rocket ship while tapping, leading you into “Turbo Mode” where you can earn a substantial amount of Notcoin per tap for a limited time. On the other hand, the Full Energy boost refills your energy bar instantly. Each day, you receive three free boosts of each kind.

In addition to the free boosts, you can also enhance your Notcoin farming capacity by purchasing Multitap, Recharging Speed, and Energy Limit boosts using your earned Notcoin. Furthermore, once you reach the Silver League, you can access the Auto Tap Bot, which automates the tapping process. The Auto Tap Bot can be purchased for 20,000 Notcoin and provides a passive income stream. To quickly accumulate Notcoin for boost purchases, complete the quests under the “Earn” tab in the app.

These quests involve activities like joining Telegram groups, connecting a TON wallet to the app, and forming a Notcoin player Squad. The quests are divided into three categories: Onboarding, Specials, and Web3 World. Onboarding quests offer rewards based on the number of people you invite and completing activities like joining a Squad. Specials quests involve joining different online communities, while Web3 World quests educate you about various crypto protocols.

When you invite friends to play Notcoin, you receive Notcoin based on their activity. As your referred friends progress through leagues, you receive bonuses. While Telegram Premium users receive the highest bonuses, free users can still farm Notcoin. Once you have upgraded your boosts and obtained the Auto Tap Bot, make sure to collect the tokens farmed by the bot every 12 hours. Continuously purchase additional boosts with your Notcoin to increase the bot’s earning potential.

To sum it up, here are the steps to maximize your Notcoin earnings:

1. Use your free boosts to reach the Silver League quickly and purchase the Auto Tap Bot.
2. Complete quests to earn substantial Notcoin rewards and use them to buy Recharging Speed and Energy Limit Boosters, further increasing your earnings.
3. Visit the game daily to claim the rewards farmed by your bot.

While occasional breaks from playing are acceptable, avoid letting 30 days pass without logging in, as Notcoin plans to purge mined coins from inactive accounts before the token launch.

With these strategies, you can boost your earnings and make the most out of Notcoin before the highly anticipated airdrop. Start clicking, tapping, and accumulating Notcoin today!