NVIDIA Wind in Cryptocurrencies! Increasing Expectations Made These Altcoins Fly!

NVIDIA makes waves in the cryptocurrency market! The increasing expectations surrounding the company have led to a significant surge in altcoin prices, particularly in mem tokens and artificial intelligence-themed coins.

The announcement of Nvidia’s upcoming conference from March 18-21, which focuses on artificial intelligence, has contributed to the rise of AI altcoins. The market’s interest in the sector has grown, bolstered by Nvidia’s efforts in the field.

Nvidia’s invitation of the team to the conference has further accelerated the upward momentum of FET and other AI-themed altcoins. Investors in FET and RNDR have experienced a remarkable increase in value.

The anticipation for Nvidia to unveil innovative artificial intelligence chips at the conference has generated immense hype in the cryptocurrency market. This enthusiasm has translated into substantial gains for AI altcoin projects. (FET) has seen a 36% surge in the last 24 hours, reaching $2.75, while Render (RNDR) has gained over 30% to reach $9.73.

To the delight of FET and RNDR investors, a wallet connected to recently deposited 5 million FET (worth $11.2 million) onto Binance. This wallet, which has been inactive for six months, still holds 1.12 billion FETs (worth $3 billion).

As a result of the impact of Nvidia’s GTC24 conference, the price of FET has skyrocketed by 52% in the past 24 hours. The market has been closely monitoring recent on-chain highlights, including significant withdrawals by whales.

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