Paraguayan miners have found a way to use ASICs to dry mangoes

  • One of Paraguay’s Bitcoin miners has found a unique use for their equipment – drying mangoes using excess heat energy.
  • This innovative approach eliminates 2.5 tons of carbon per MW per month by replacing fossil fuel-based drying methods with hydropower.
  • The mining company donates 10% of the profits from mango sales to support Bitcoin Core developers.

A recent tweet from cryptocurrency analyst MAGS highlighted the mining project in Paraguay that is now drying mangos using the excess heat energy generated during Bitcoin mining. The company has successfully transitioned its drying operation from fossil fuels to hydropower, resulting in a significant reduction in atmospheric emissions.

Although the tweet did not mention the company’s name, MAGS personally affirmed its legitimacy and familiarity with the project’s creators. Additionally, she revealed that the Bitcoin miners involved in this unique venture donate a portion of their mango sales to support Bitcoin Core developers.

Paraguay, known for exporting the majority of its electricity, has become an appealing destination for Bitcoin mining due to its abundant energy resources. In October 2023, Paraguay witnessed the launch of its first “green” mining farm that operates solely on renewable energy.

This creative and environmentally friendly approach to Bitcoin mining demonstrates the potential for innovation and sustainability in the cryptocurrency industry.