Parliament of Kazakhstan adopted a law on licenses for miners

The Supreme Chamber of the Kazakh Parliament, the Senate, adopted amendments to the law on digital assets, which provide for measures to protect the energy system from unregulated mining of cryptocurrencies, introduce mechanisms for administering a number of taxes and regulate the circulation of digital assets.

For mining pools, separate requirements have been introduced regarding the location of server capacities, as well as compliance with information security rules. According to the head of the Senate working group, Ekaterina Smyshlyaeva, the main goal of the new version of the law is to create a legal market for digital assets and attract more foreign investment.

Now the mining of crypto-currencies in Kazakhstan is allowed only to the participants of the Astana International Financial Center and non-resident legal entities in the presence of an agreement with licensed data centers.

Since the dissolution of the lower house of parliament was announced on January 19, the Senate temporarily performs all legislative functions.. Thus, the amendments are considered adopted in the final reading and sent for signature to the president.

Earlier in the Republic of Kazakhstan, searches were carried out at the addresses of several crypto exchangers. The police seized documents, computer equipment and cryptocurrency wallets.