Popular Crypto Mining Pools in 2024

Popular Crypto Mining Pools in 2024

Karina Krupenchenkova

Mining is one of the oldest and most sure ways to make money in crypto — instead of the hassles of day-trading coins, miners literally join the other side by producing these coins themselves. But how have recent events affected this side of the crypto world?

The Impact of Bitcoin Halving and Price Dynamics

As the cryptocurrency landscape continually evolves, recent events like Bitcoin halving have significantly influenced market dynamics. Following the halving, Bitcoin’s price experienced an expected, but exciting surge, driven by heightened demand and reduced supply of new coins entering the market. This event was crucial for miners — despite the halved rewards for mining, Bitcoin remained a lucrative asset to mine.

Mining Pools Today

Like any popular field, pools were forced to evolve — it’s hard to compete for customers by providing a single service. That’s why many of the top pools today offer a range of services beyond just access to the mining itself. For instance, some pools enhance users’ mining experience with features like hardware firmware upgrades that can increase hashing power, and savings accounts with competitive interest rates for depositing mining rewards for extra profit.

How Mining Pools Work

In essence, a mining pool works by distributing the mining tasks among several miners who then share the rewards — like shareholders in a business, only the shareholders, or at least their computers, are also the workforce. This collaboration stabilizes income and offers more stable rewards.

How to Choose a Mining Pool

Choosing the right pool is key to maximum profits and efficiency. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making an informed decision:

Research Pools

Start by researching various mining pools, focusing on their reliability, transparency, and track record. Don’t forget to consider the geographic location of the pool’s servers, too — proximity can enhance mining efficiency and reduce latency. What’s great for mining in the US might not work as well in Europe, etc., so pay extra attention to pools with servers in different locations.

Evaluate Pool Features and Fee Structures

First, look at the hash rate — the pool’s size and computing power. Then, factor in the fee structure. Just because the pool has a high hashrate doesn’t mean that you’ll get to enjoy all of its profits as a beginner miner, and it might be more lucrative to go for a pool with lower fees and more favorable reward methods for you.

User Interface and Support

How user-friendly the pool’s platform can really affect your mining operations. A well-built interface and robust customer support will allow you to enjoy the entire scope of mining features your pool offers, including monitoring operations, boosting your rate, and more..

Additional Features

Look at extras in the pool — it’s always smarter to invest your rewards as soon as possible instead of just sitting on them, so pay extra attention to built-in investment tools or at least easy withdrawal options, like a native P2P platform.

Comparing Pools

It’s time to choose where to mine. When comparing pools, don’t just look at the hashrate, weigh these factors in:

Supported Coins: Some pools support a wide range of cryptocurrencies, providing flexibility and diversification, but make sure this diversity is about quality, not just quantity.

Coin storage: Make sure you can easily access your rewards on your pool’s platform, preferably with options to easily withdraw coins fee-free with low thresholds.

Reward Methods: Pools use different payout methods like PPS or PPLNS, affecting how miner rewards are calculated — pick the option that favors your mining capabilities.

Fees: As good as the service quality, security, and other perks of any pool are, it all comes down to the bottom line — always weigh in the price to quality ratio of a pool before joining. What are you getting for the fee you pay?

Here’s a quick comparison of some of the top Bitcoin mining pools as an example:


13.45 EH/s
7 coins
Fee-free withdrawal, P2P, savings account up to 14% APY

Braiins Pool
13.18 EH/S
1 coin
Built-in wallet

53.88 Eh/s
9 coins
Easy withdrawal, P2P, savings account approx. 4% APY

24 coins
External wallet

How to Start Mining in Pool

Sign Up: Visit your chosen pool’s website and create an account.

Configure Your Equipment: Look for instructions on the pool’s website or app to set up your mining hardware.

Start Mining: Connect your equipment and start participating in shared rewards.

Monitor Your Earnings: Find the pool’s dashboard to track your mining progress and earnings.

Understanding Rewards

Pools offer various reward structures, including FPPS, PPLNS, and PPS+ to cater to different mining preferences, ensuring that every miner can find the most suitable option.

  • PPS, Pay-Per-Share, offers an instant flat payout

  • PPLNS, Pay-Per-Last-N-Shares, is tied to whether a pool mined a block or not

  • PPS+, Pay Per Share +, offers a cross between the two above

  • FFPS, Full Pay Per Share, miners get a bite of both block rewards and transaction fee shares according to their hashrate

In the end of the day, different pools will work for different users — but always make sure that you’re going for a reputable pool with public satisfied users and, most importantly, that you have a good understanding of the pool you chose.